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Under by Snøhetta.

An underwater restaurant.

Architecture, Food and Beverage

This is one of our favourite design and architecture studios. Founded in 1989 by architects Craig Dykers and Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, Snøhetta is an architecture and design studio with offices in Oslo, Innsbruck, Singapore, Austria, Stockholm, New York City, California and San Francisco.

Under is a fabulous restaurant under the sea in which their walls are slightly curved and half-a-metre thick, designed to tolerate extreme weather conditions and extreme waves. Its concrete shell has also been left with an exposed, rough texture to encourage marine life to cling on, and over time create an artificial reef. Inside, the underwater restaurant's interiors are designed to contrast with its rugged exterior, and are lined with oak and coloured acoustic panels to create a "warm atmosphere".

Under takes the form of a concrete tube fronted by a large panoramic window. Once its structure was complete, watertight and weather-proof, it was lowered into the sea.

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