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Freunde von Freunden.

Homes and daily working environments.

Deco, Interview, Design, Architecture, Photography

"Somos una revista internacional que retrata mediante entrevistas a la gente de diversos orígenes culturales y creativos en sus casas o en sus entornos de trabajo diarios. Nuestro contenido aspira a presentar perspectivas múltiples de sus facetas personales, incluyendo impresiones de las ciudades o escena artística y vida urbana de cada una de ellas. Freunde von Freunden"

They said: "We are an international interview magazine that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes or within their daily working environments. Our content aspires to present multifaceted personal perspectives including impressions of cities, various art scenes and international urban living. Freunde von Freunden."

What's your opinion, dude.
Yesterday, I was so excited about levniag and spending 3 weeks with all the kids and their babies...Today I am back home! Did I leave at all? Where did the time go? Glad to see you back, xx
Okay, this tears it. I’m now moving your contact info from “T,” for Trixie Update, to “S,” for Super-Geek/Dad (such that the “super” modifies both).And as a new father, let me add my voice to the cheering chorus when I see “New Trend: sleeps through the night.”(I realize the post to which I’m responding is from January, so the “hooray” is a little late. But I just found this site a little while ago, and I’m going through the archives.)–FD
Compatir ça veut dire « souffrir avec », quelqu’un qui pleure il ne souffre pas, quand on pleure c’est comme quand on rit, ça fait du bien. La vrai souffrance se fait dans la douleur, et les gens qui en meurent le font sans pleurer,et en silence. Il faudrait que vous sachiez lire les mots.*********************Réponse:Le problème est simple: est-ce que « Lydihaut » lui-même sit lire ????jf. 28/5 22h50
I don't know much about Oprah - except that I have an aversion to hearing her voice, I have seen her show once or twice and well as expected it's insipid - but this was highly entertaining. It made me start imagining what sort of side show freak fest she has goin' on...
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