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Papa Issue.

The influence is essential. It allows us to redefine our thinking, create and inspire.

Graphic Design, Video, Deco, Photography, Fashion, Architecture, Design, Art, Music, Motion Graphics, Illustration, Industrial Design

PAPA ISSUE reune a todos los seres talentosos profesionales o no del mundo latino con varios objetivos, 1. Descubrir a todo ser talentoso y mostrarlo al mundo. 2. Creemos que el mundo latino posee características e identidades propias que nos diferencia del resto del mundo. 3. Inspirar a todo bicho viviente. 4. Ser una agenda útil de profesionales para todo aquel que busca nuevos talentos y estén interesados en el mundo visual latino.

PAPA ISSUE gather all beings talented professionals or not the Latin world with several objectives. 1. Discover all be talented and show them the world. 2. We believe the Latin world has their own identities and characteritics that sets us apart form the rest of the world. 3. Inspiring every creature living. 4. To be a useful book for professionals and artists for anyone seeking new talent and for those who are interested in the visual world latino.

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