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* Llevamos una temporada un poco flojos con lo de el diseño gráfico y hoy vamos a arreglarlo... Este blog es muchas cosas pero sobre todo diseño gráficooo... Hoy hemos encontrado una maravilla en la que puedes encontrar de todo: tipografías, diseño gráfico, ilustración, letras y tipos, logos e identidad, publicidad, señaléctica, diseño web, ropa, packaging, títulos de crédito, teoría del diseño, vandalismo... etc. Recuerda... Post Typography

* Last weeks design graphic post are less than normal... Don´t worry about that, we´ll gonna give you a solution... Today we founded a little wonder in wich you can find lots of everything: Typography, Graphic Design, Illustration, Lettering, Logos & Identity, Advertising, Signage, Web Design, Aparel, Packaging, Film Titles, Design Theory, Vandalism... etc. Remember Post Typography

What's your opinion, dude.
a commercial licesne would have to be purchased before using I'm supporting a nonprofit initiative called Let's Change India 2014 and I'm wondering if there's any way we could use one of these fonts without purchasing a commercial licesne. Thanks in advance for the response!
Recently the 1632 series was mentioned in Germanys biggest news magazine DER SPIEGEL, as a result the paperback was sold out immediatly at and won’t be available before end of jan, 2010.. Two questions after reading 1632, 1633 and some of the 1634 books of the Ring of Fire series since mid Dec, 2009: why is none of these books published in German after all those years, and, just curious to find out, are there any movie plans for that kind of books? I would love to see that on a big screen…