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pixel breaker, polar clock


* Genial reloj creado por la gente de Pixel Breaker que han trabajado para gente como Adidas o Panasonic. Ah! tambien lo podéis descargar como salvapantallas en su web. Via joshspear

* Fantastic clock created from people of Pixel Breaker who works for people like Adidas or Panasonic. Ah! you can also download from his web. Via joshspear

What's your opinion, dude.
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That was beautiful, man. Dane Cook has bugged me since the first time I became aware of him (through a friend who couldn't stop gushing about how hot and talented he was), but I couldn't say exactly why. You hit the nail right on the head.Funny thing I just learned about James Frey -- he submitted his manuscript for publication as a novel, not a memoir. The publisher told him, basically, that it wasn't well-written or coherent enough to sell as fiction, but it was marketable as a memoir.So he's not a compulsive liar so much as a failed novelist. Fun!